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Guys, please be cautious of this guy whose image appears below this post. His name is “ABIODUN ADEBAYO LORDSHIP”, and he is based in one of the southern African countries called ZAMBIA in LUSAKA, but he is a Nigerian national.

This guy is constantly promoting himself as a travel agent, assisting people in obtaining visas and also in the transportation business, transporting people from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, and other countries to South Africa.

In March 2022, I met this guy and we discussed travelling business, in which he said he has a package for USA DIPLOMATIC VISA, in which I gave him all documents required and a part payment of 100,000naira, which he promised would be ready in two weeks time, unfortunately he processed the visa and it came out now nice and I balanced him 700,000naira not knowing he is a fraudster and scammer who always provides FAKE USA VISA for people, once,

I discovered it was a fake visa when I called the embassy to confirm again, and I requested my money back, which he promised to refund, but he has been offline since then, and he is nowhere to be found; please, if you come across him anywhere, do not do business with him because he is a scammer and fraudster.

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