Ayox is releasing a brand-new, yet-untitled song with a lovely tune.


On social media, an unidentified song with a charming melody by AYOX is currently trending, and many of its admirers are sharing it on their status updates.

Notable Lyrics

As a fine boy looking sharp

You no say girls dem love me die

Them dey gbadun my melody

Ashewo boy 4Life

When it’s time you know it’s time

Even your girl go come around

we outside no be for person wey dey work for bank

Omotoshan Hello

Love the way you bend low

Omo you dey make me kolo

seh you go be my olo

phone don’t Stop Ringing Ringing

The girl’s them Chilling chilling

Your girls calling I’m not Picking picking

The boy so fresh and Clean

It’s a Friday night


listen Below

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