Blaqbonez talks about his future wife.


Not sharing same room with my wife will help with my polygamous nature -Blaqbonez Nigerian rapper

Emeka Akumefule, popularly known as Blaqbonez, has revealed that he will not be sharing a room with his future wife because he is polygamous in nature.

The singer made this known in an interview with actress Nancy Isime, which went viral on Monday. Blaqbonez, while reacting to the question of whether he would ever get married, said,

“I will marry, but I will be in like a different kind of marriage. It’s a different type.“

First, in marriage, I don’t want to be in the same room with my wife. Like you have your room, I have my room. Like, first, aesthetically, what if I’m a Batman guy and I want everywhere dark and batmanish and you, you’re a Barbie princess? Like, enjoy your life.“Another thing, I like my bathroom looking a certain way. I don’t really like some type of things hanging around there. I like my manly things in the bathroom. So, I have decided in marriage, I care about you, but you stay in that other room, [and] I stay in this other room.

“And also, it helps with my polygamous nature. So that I can be doing my things on a low without disturbing you.”

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