MUST READ: A Secret About The Music Industry: A Letter to Upcoming Artists


From the Baba Fela era to the present, when we are jamming a different type of vibe, the music industry has seen significant transformation over time.

Nigerian music has improved greatly over the years, and the Afrobeat genre as a whole has helped to make us a household name thanks to our talented musicians.

Nowadays, musicians even make their own songs since that is how they feel when they sing and sell them.

It’s so simple to write a hit song; the sad thing is that many musicians are too sluggish to do it.

Nowadays, nobody wants to sit down and compose music because everyone is too busy in catching cruise.

Once you get a specific keyword that “bursts your head,” you simply keep repeating it as a chorus. Then, you need to locate four bars or lines for the verse and another four bars for the bridge (so you may repeat it in the second verse).

Songs are referred to be “Productions” since they entail processes. Any stage in the “Production processes” that you choose to skip will undoubtedly show in the finished output (the song).

Do you really take the time to write if you just add “Singer and songwriter” to your bio? Or do you compete to see who gets the “freestyle” pass by following Wizkid?

You might “accidentally” get one hit song, but if you don’t, you’ll be starting over from scratch.

take up writing.
I realize that most of you don’t truly enjoy music as much as you say; rather, the glitz and glam are the only things that catch your attention.
And some of you believe that if you had “Street money,” people will instantly respect you more as an up-and-coming talent in the music business. LMAO, everyone goes through the same experience!

Nobody really sends your account balance if you like dey drive Gwagon as long as you’re not putting that money into the music industry! You should proceed to enter the line.
All I need now is a management, that’s why my career isn’t moving forward, an artist will say after releasing two songs. LMAO.
due to Burna Boy and You self, who has no fans, three unreleased tracks, and no marketing budget, is searching for a management as well?

You’ve probably never noticed who opens the kiosk where the branch manager is found, but it’s called “Music Business” for a reason.
When your career is moving forward, you only need a manager; right now, you just need

Since the music industry has gone digital, streaming platforms, social media, and influencer marketing have all grown commonplace, you can now release a song and all it takes is the right dance motion for it to go viral on Tiktok. You can post your music to any platform for as little as your data fee.

Himusic is one of the top websites for promoting music.

Ah! You don’t realize what God has done for you.

Because of this, I find it repugnant to see any lazy artists. You guys live in a time where becoming viral is so simple that the only thing you can do to advance your career is to be lazy, right? Omo, you really need to be beaten!

Get up!

Become awake!

Gather your splendor!

Lovely to you.

We hope this has been able to teach you a thing or two.

We’ll see that you all have higher places.


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