As A Christian, If God Is Looking For One Person To Die For The Sins Of The World Like Jesus Did – Would You Offer Yourself?

Jesus got knocked on the cross for all our sins and that’s part of the reasons we’ve got to celebrate his birth today.

The birth of Jesus Christ was meant to save mankind by spreading the word of God and cleanse our sins with his blood on the cross of Calvary.

According to the story of Jesus, it is obvious that the son of Mary willingly died for all our sins and clear away our misdeeds which is why we all can ask God for forgiveness and he will answer us.

As a good Christian, imagine there is an offer from God that the World can be saved once again from Covid-19 mess, Terrorism and other evil menaces that look like wages of sin for the whole world provided just one person can lay down his or her life like Jesus did.

This is not too much to ask from God as the World is over 7.8 billion in population and the life of just one person to cleanse all our sins is a fair deal.

Meanwhile, anyone who offers himself or herself will be given a magnificent space in heaven just beside Jesus and will also enjoy all other goodies the son of God is enjoying in heaven.

So, this is for all Christians

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