Ayox – Cocaina


Nigerian musical prodigy, Ayox, is taking the music scene by storm with his latest release, an enchanting cover song titled “Cocaina.” This talented artist has also joined forces with the fantastic musician, Karlyteros, to create the track “Tomorrow,” which has led to the birth of this magnificent record.

Ayox’s “Cocaina” is the kind of music that doesn’t leave you feeling sad but rather uplifts your spirits. It’s an enduring and seductive classic that undoubtedly deserves a special place on your playlist.

Additionally, the collaboration with Karlyteros adds an extra layer of musical magic to this incredible journey. Together, they’ve crafted a piece of art that resonates with listeners, leaving them captivated and craving more.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Cocaina” and the collaborative track “Tomorrow.” Share your thoughts and comments below as you embark on a musical


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