BIG MOVES!! How Davido’s Kindness Got Him Millions In Few Hours & An Endorsement Deal With Wema Bank


Davido is the real definition of a Brand influencer – he does it better than anyone!!

I think Davido intentionally and strategically used Wema Bank as the bank account to receive all the funds for his Birthday and in less than 5 hours – Davido has already hit 85 Million naira ???

I can bet it with my life that Wema Bank has never done such volume before within that period for an individual ?

Why Wema Bank?

According to Davido, he created the Wema account just because he wanted to use it to collect funds from well-wishers and now it’s like this might lead to an Endorsement ?

When Wema Bank saw the volume Davido was able to do for them, they quickly posted on their Social media page to brag about this great feat and I sincerely love how they did it

See what they posted below:-

Wema Bank is about to turn the cruise into an Endorsement
It seems Wema Bank is loving how the thing is going and guess what – seems they reached out to Davido that they wanted an Endorsement deal with him.

Baba Imade couldn’t hold back the news and he took to Twitter to share the good news with his fans.

Be good to people – Davido deserves it
When you are a good person, you should expect good back in multiple folds from people….

Something that started out as a cruise on his page is about to turn into a multi-million naira deal from Wema Bank.

Now, Davido is about to win in 2 ways ?

? Making cool money from his fans

? Getting to sign an Endorsement deal with Wema Bank

My dear people, let this Davido own be a lesson to you all to always do good to people.

Thank you

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