Burna Boy – Normal

Burna Boy’s Musical Brilliance Shines Again with “Normal”

Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter and exceptional artist, Burna Boy, once again exhibits his musical mastery through his latest single, “Normal.” This captivating track stands as Burna Boy’s newest addition this year, following a series of previously released hits that have captured hearts across the globe.

“Normal” finds its place as the second song on Burna Boy’s highly anticipated 15-track project, “I Told Them…”. Each composition within this collection showcases Burna Boy’s distinct style and his effortless blend of diverse genres, resulting in a truly enthralling listening journey.

The credit for the production of “Normal” goes to the gifted music producer, MAG, who skillfully crafts a melodious backdrop that harmonizes perfectly with Burna Boy’s soulful vocals and contemplative lyrics. The synergy between Burna Boy and MAG echoes throughout the song, creating a seamless fusion of sound and sentiment.

As you lose yourself in the enchanting melodies and introspective verses of “Normal,” you’re bound to be reminded of Burna Boy‘s undeniable talent and his ability to forge a deep connection with listeners. This track stands as a testament to his artistic prowess and further cements his position as one of Nigeria’s most influential musical forces.

So, lean back, unwind, and let yourself be transported into Burna Boy’s musical realm. Experience “Normal,” share its brilliance with friends, and become immersed in the sheer excellence of this gifted artist.


Engr. Jamiu Abiola Alapoowo, Honney (Mos,Wd,Gd), is a Web and Graphics Designer, Model, Actor and Blogger CEO/ Founder at HonneyMade, the Parent company of Himusic and Honney Media. updating soon....
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