Singer Buju apologizes over old disparaging tweets about Wizkid, Davido

Singer Buju apologizes over old disparaging tweets about Wizkid, Davido

Buju surely wasn’t liking the way he was feeling when some ‘dead bodies’ he didn’t bury recently came back to life to hunt him.

The singer, real name Daniel Benson, who had been a relatively unknown artist, became the toast of Nigerian music lovers thanks to his hook on Ladipoe’s Feeling…”I like the way I’m feeling now, no come use your reggae spoil my blues and rhythm now…’, but he surely didn’t like the way he felt when his tweets putting down other top Nigerian musicians suddenly reappeared on social media space.

Buju had as far back as 2015 trolled the likes of Wizkid, Davido and Mr Eazi, describing Wizkid’s ‘Daddy Yo’ as trash at the time, called Davido a childish c*nt and said Mr Eazi was overrated.

Although there’s no record of the mentioned musicians replying, just before they were deleted, the tweets somehow found their way back to social media earlier this week and the singer has now apologized, saying he didn’t know better then.

Buju said he didn’t even know he would make music then and was only criticizing which is allowed as long as he didn’t kill anyone.

He wrote, “Over the years I have grown to understand that receiving or consuming music is wayyy easier than actually making music. It’s why when you don’t make music and all you do is consume, it’s easier to make unsolicited takes about another person’s music and that’s what I used to do…sadly

He went on…”Lol in 2015/16/17 I didn’t know I was even gon make music. I just used to listen and criticize which is still allowed as far I no kill anybody but it was because I knew no better. So if people think it’s wise to criticize me over tweets from those years, it’s calm…it’s just joblessness sha. I know way better and I’m cool with everybody.”

He has songs like Outside and a latest release Testimony to his credit amongst others.

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