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Wale Aderemi – ELEDA (full Album)

Wale Aderemi

Wale Aderemi releases another loaded one from ELOHIM’s royal room, Titled ELEDA ALBUM.

It is the responsibility of both those going through unpleasant circumstances in life and those for whom things are going well to pray to God in order to avoid experiencing what is known as bitterness, according to the devotional poetry Eleda.
This may take the shape of illnesses, destitution, infertility, or bad luck. God is the keeper of wellbeing, after all.

This song also serves as a warning to the weak, hurt, and broken, as well as to every single soul that hears it, that the Potter, your Creator, is able and ready to mend you once more.

They’re just five (5) tracks, but they’re loaded with blessings and have the power to change lives.

Please listen to this new song and anticipate all-around sweetness in all aspects of your life.


2. Lion Of JudahDOWNLOAD
4. Eleburu IkeDOWNLOAD

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