What Do You Think Will Happen If Zinoleesky Collaborates with Wizkid on His Next Song???

Zinoleesky and Bravo

What Do You Think Will Happen If Zinoleesky Collaborates with Wizkid on His Next Song???

We’re posing this topic after HIMUSIC’s April Fool’s Day release, wishing #fans that Zinoleesky’s ‘New Things,’ featuring Starboy Wizkid, will be released soon.

Fans are taking it very seriously.

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3 thoughts on “What Do You Think Will Happen If Zinoleesky Collaborates with Wizkid on His Next Song???

    • Arákùnrin Jámíù Abíọ́lá Alápòowó, your comment “Èyí lágbára o” reflects your anticipation and excitement regarding the potential collaboration between Zinoleesky and Wizkid on their next song. The idea of these two talented artists coming together has certainly captured the attention of many music enthusiasts. If such a collaboration were to happen, it could have a significant impact on the Nigerian music industry and beyond.

      Wizkid, being an established and internationally recognized artist, has proven his ability to produce chart-topping hits and bring a unique flavor to collaborations. On the other hand, Zinoleesky has been making waves with his distinctive style and captivating vocals. Combining their individual talents could result in an extraordinary fusion of sounds and an unforgettable musical experience.

      Moreover, a collaboration between these two artists could potentially introduce Zinoleesky to a wider audience, allowing him to showcase his talent on a larger platform. It could also provide an opportunity for Wizkid to explore new horizons and experiment with different musical styles.

      It is always exciting to witness artists coming together to create something extraordinary. If Zinoleesky and Wizkid collaborate on a song, it could be a game-changer in the Nigerian music scene, leading to increased recognition, a wider fanbase, and a powerful showcase of their creativity. We can only hope that this collaboration becomes a reality and eagerly anticipate the magic that could unfold.

  1. It going to be dope one ajeh

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