Get Your Song Uploaded On Himusic For Just 5,000 Only With The HM Mid-Year Promotion


Greetings, HM Esteem Clients.
Given that it’s a brand-new month and halfway through the year 2022, we have chosen to launch this promotion, which is referred to as the “HM Mid Year Promo”.

The promotion is intended to help music fans, label owners, and other staff members who work with Himusic but couldn’t due to our cost.

As a Nigerian company, we are aware of the difficulties that Artiste is facing, and this is our own small contribution to helping creatives get through these trying times.

Artistes can save 85% off our Music Promo fee with this promotion.

Instead of the official N15,000, the artist will pay N5,000.

You can purchase slots now and utilise them whenever you are ready throughout the promotional period, which runs from July 5 to July 15.

Officially, we charge $15,000 to promote a song on our website; however, during this promo period, artists receive an 85% discount.

This means that the cost to post and promote your song or video on Himusic will just be 5,000.

Steps For Entering This Promotion

  1. Use Paystack to make a payment. –
  2. After paying N5,000 successfully, secure the Payment Reference Number. This is how it will appear: T7391591676 ****
  3. When you’re ready to upload your music, all you have to do is email with the song’s contents and the reference number.
  4. After we get confirmation of your payment, we will upload the content and provide you the link.

NOTE: Although this promotion’s payment period finishes on August 15th, you may upload your music at any time before October 25th, 2022.

Any Issue?

Experiencing any problem? – You can talk to us via Email, Call, or on WhatsApp

EMAIL:- admin[@]

WHATSAPP:- us by clicking on any of this names


FAQ – Answers To Some Questions You Might Have

When Is The Promo Ending?

Payment for the Promo ends on 15th July but you have the grace of using your already bought slot any time you like but you must use it before the 25th October 2023.

Would I Still Get Full Promotion If I Pay For This Promo?

Yes, you are getting the full promotion. We are not taking anything out of your Promotion because you are paying a lesser amount. We want to support talents and that’s it. You still get your full promo.

Can I Pay Now & Use My Slot Later?

Yes, you can pay between now and 15th July and use your slot any time you are ready but you must use it before 25th October 2023 else it will no longer be valid again.

What Happens To My Slot After The Promo Ends?

If you buy any Slots now, you have the grace to use them before 25th October 2023 else you will lose your slots if you don’t use them on or before the expiring date.

Does This Promo Apply To EP/Album Uploads?

Yes. You will get a 50% discount. We officially charge 30k for EP/Album posting but you can pay 15k now and it will be posted and promoted on Himusic.

Does This Promo Apply For HM Promotional Packages Too?

Yes, you will get some crazily discount on the price of our Promotional packages this period too. Just discuss it with us via email and you are good to go. After all, it’s the season of giving back

Can I Be Refunded If I’m No Longer Interested?

No, you won’t be refunded. You look for an interested Artiste that will help you use your Slot and you guys can settle the rest among yourselves.

We look forward to working with you all.


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