Nigeria at 61: President Buhari speech today as Nigeria mark Independence Day


President Buhari say upon di challenges wey di kontri dey face today, most Nigeria still dey maintain di spirit of 1st October celebration.

Di president say di goment most priorities na to continue stabilize di economy afta di deep recession wey di kontri experience and to restore peace for areas wey dey face security challenges.

But di Covid-19 pandemic pandemic and di impact on different kontries don make e goment shift gears and re-strategise. E appeal to Nigerians not to take Covid-19 likely.

Nigeria get dia independence from Britain for October 1st, 1960.

President Buhari also take di opportunity to remind di global community that di current rate of access to Covid-19 vaccine no dey acceptable.

“We no fit afford a situation where just few kontries keep di global vaccine supply to demsef at di expense of oda nations.”

Wetin im tok about insecurity

Concerning security challenges wey Nigeria dey face, President Buhari say di goment don take di fight to di kontri enemies from all angles to secure Nigeria and dem dey win dis fight.

“For di North East region alone, over eight thousand Boko Haram terrorists don surrender.”

To fight banditry, di president say Nigerian Armed Forces don recruit ova 17,000 personnel and e don approve forNigerian Police Force to recruit 10,000 police officers annually over di next six years.

E say di goment dey ready to arrest any pesin wey dey incite violence through words or action.

“Our hope no be to fight for peace. We fit always settle our grievances peacefully without spilling any blood,” di president tok.

E add say Nigeria na for everybody and di unity of di kontri no dey negotiable plus advise Nigerians to embrace peace and comot hands from violence.

President Buhari tok about Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo arrest

President Buhari say di recent arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo, and di ongoing investigations wey dem dey do don reveal certain high-profile pipo wey dey finance dem.

“We dey seriously pursue all dis financiers including one identify as a serving member of di national assembly.”

“My kontri pipo, dis na clear example of how pipo abandon dia national leadership positions for dia selfish gains.

“Instead of preaching unity, dem dey fund and mislead our youth to do criminal acts wey sometimes lead to unfortunate and unnecessary loss of lives and property,” President Buhari tok.

E add say as di so-called leaders run go abroad to hide, di innocent youths dey mislead and abandon for streets to fight for dia senseless and destructive causes.

President Buhari lift Twitter ban

President Buhari say im don direct make dem lift di suspension of twitter only if dem meet di conditions to allow di kontri citizens continue di use of di platform for business and positive engagements.

“Social media na very useful platforms wey don make millions of Nigerians connect with loved ones… but recent events don show say some users dey misuse di platform to promote fake news, commit crimes and odas.”

“To address dis negative trends, Federal Goment suspend Twitter for Nigeria on June 5, 2021 to address dis challenges.”

Di president say afta di shutdown, e set up committee wey go tok with Twitter to settle di issues and di Committee, along with dia Technical Team don address some issues;

  • National Security and Cohesion;
  • Registration, Physical presence and Representation;
  • Fair Taxation;
  • Dispute Resolution; and
  • Local Content.

And afta di committee tok-tok with twitter, di president say e don direct make dem lift di ban except Twitter meet di conditions wey goment give dem.

“As a kontri, we dey committed to ensure say digital companies use dia platform to enhance di lives of our citizens, respect Nigeria sovereignty, cultural values and promote online safety.”

On increase in food prices

President Buhari tok say di food prices wey dey go up recently na sake of di artificial shortages wey middlemen wey dey buy and hide food create.

“Unfortunately, as our food production capacity don increase, food prices don dey go up because of artificial shortages wey middlemen wey dey buy and hoard dis essential commodities create for profit.”

In order to address dis, di president direct di Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to rehabilitate di National Food Reserve Agency.

And make dem also work with security agencies, di Nigerian Commodity Exchange, and di National Assembly to find lasting solution to dis hiding activities.

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