Pi: How to register in Nigeria and start mining

NOTE: this information you are about to read here is all about Pi Network Cryptocurrency. 

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a new and first cryptocurrency that can be mine on smartphone easily without draining the battery of your phone or require much money to mine it.

Pi Network is basically a mobile app developed by Stanford University PhDs. The app received quick popularity in Vietnam.

Pi Network became the 22nd most downloaded app in Vietnam by iPhone users. While many experts think that it is a scam, it is still a point to question why a scam could lure millions of users across the globe.

The app has successfully reached more than 13 million users worldwide.

Pi Network claims to be a digital mining app that does much more compared to owning a Bitcoin. Here’s what users from Vietnam have to say about it.

We no longer have a chance to own Bitcoin, so let’s switch to mining Pi. You lose nothing. After a few years, if the project succeeds, each Pi could be worth dozens of U.S. dollars,” said Duc Danh,

Facebook user in Ho Chi Minh City.“

I have invited eight friends to mine with me. Now I have more than 10 Pi, with a mining speed of nearly 0.3 Pi per hour,

said Nguyen Nhat, a Pi user, also known as a “Pioneer,” in Ho Chi Minh City.

To register, you need an invitation code:

Use Bighonney as your invitation code.

Be sure of the invitation code

Bighonney ☑️



Click the button below to begin registration

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